PET (Preliminary English Test): is an English language examination provided by Cambridge Assessment English ESOL for low intermediate level (B1). The exam is designed for learners who have mastered the basic of English and now have practical language skills for everyday use


Who should take this exam

If you can express your likes and dislikes, and discuss them with others, understand spoken and written announcements and instructions and write a personal letter or take notes from a meeting or discussion


What is the exam format

There are three parts to the exam. You do the Reading and Writing and the Listening papers on the same day. You may need to return to do the Speaking on a different day. You do the Speaking with two examiners and one other exam candidate.

PET in Cando institute

Semesters: 7(each semester 14 sessions)

Certificate: at the end of course

Course book: GOLD



  • تهران
    بلوار آیت اله کاشانی-بین اباذر و مهران-پلاک 59-طبقه اول غربی
  • آموزش زبانهای خارجی در کندو
  •  تلفن دفتر ثبت نام:   44068767-44485985
  • تلفن مشاوره آموزشی: 44890213
  • موبایل تلگرامی و واتس آپ:09100118020
  • Email: 

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